"Join us for our weekly store runs. They are free and open to all ability levels!"

Sunday Store Run, 8AM

Running Lab

Did you know your individual walking pattern can actually determine what kind of shoes you should wear?


It’s true! Your stride is a feature completely unique to you, like your fingerprints or voice signature. As such, everyone deserves a shoe that truly fits, a shoe that don’t just look good but feels good.


Reno Running has a massive collection of some of the best products and brands, and we’re adding more to our list every day! From footwear to socks, apparel to nutrition for an active lifestyle, we have something here to suit everyone’s needs. Not convinced? Why not come down into the store to check it out for yourself?


Reno Running is the premier specialty running store in Reno, Nevada, and it has the premier and dedicated staff to back it up. Matt and Aimee Balzer opened Reno Running on September 20, 2011. The pair built this company specifically to cater to the unique needs of Northern Nevada’s active lifestyle community.

Yes, Reno Running has top-of-the-line products, but what we really take pride in is our awesome staff. Each member of our family has a diverse and extensive background to help answer any question, whether you’re a walker, a runner, or an Ironman.