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As you may have heard, Reno Running Company is 10 years old. This is a pretty significant milestone for any business (or other venture for that matter). As I have been considering this I have been walking down memory lane quite a bit. I myself have been working for Reno Running Company for 9 of those 10 years (I actually started on the first anniversary). What I did not realize was that I was also a very early customer. I am not sure how that never occurred to me… but then again, I suppose I have never been accused of thinking like everyone else. But regardless, in all the years that I have been here the thing that has really stood out to me has been the people.

That smile though!

I have had the pleasure to meet and get to know (and even occasionally run with) some of the best people ever. It really is something the number of people I have gotten to know over the last 9 plus years of working (and almost a whole year of being “just” a customer).

One of the best Race Directors? Most Sadistic?

There is a lot I have learned from these people. I am impressed with how generous they have been with me. I struggle to think of how I could say thank you.

If you don’t like Susie we can’t be friends- Bill will back me on this.

Now I literally could not put up pictures of everyone who has and does mean something to me that I have met through Reno Running Company but it seems like when words fail that maybe at least a few pictures could say what I don’t know how to.

Ten years is a long time. There have been co-workers, customers, friends, and of course dogs.

Trail Clinics for the win!

Now I am not great at documenting things so there are plenty of photos that I wish I had that I do not. People will get left out that are of the utmost importance- so please don’t read into that too much if you don’t see yourself. Not to mention you all would click on something else if I had photos representing 10 years of a place. That would be too long.

Some people’s enthusiasm is contagious.

I sometimes am tempted to do nothing when I don’t think I can do something all the way- but silence seems inappropriate after ten years. I first went into Reno Running Company in October of 2011 (not even realizing how recently it had just opened). I remember buying a pricey yellow t-shirt and my first foam roller. Who knew all that would follow for me? I certainly didn’t.

Looking back over ten years has certainly reminded me that you just never know the impact you are going to have on the people you meet. Sometimes it is tempting for me to think that my presence doesn’t matter… but when I look back at all the people I have met here at the shop that wrong idea is challenged even in my own stubborn mind.

Stoke is High

It is important to live in community. They show you your flaws, your good parts, and just things in general you cannot see on your own.

This photo will always remind me that we were young once

And that is what Reno Running Company has become- a community. I am grateful for those I have met, known, worked with, and worked for. As much as I generally dislike seeing pictures of myself many of you have made it known (at many times and in many ways) that you don’t mind having me around sometimes too. Thank you to my regulars, my co-workers, and sometimes people I only met once. Congratulations to Reno Running Company on ten years!

This really doesn’t need a caption.

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