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  • How did you get into running? 

I got into running in middle school when I joined the team with one of my friends. Back then, I looked forward to Fridays because it was “pre-meet” day and we ate popsicles and played games. What kept me running was having fun my 8th grade year and honestly having a really great coach. I still have the index card he gave me at the end of the cross season with my times on it and a nice, encouraging note.  

  • What challenges did you face? 

I am still facing challenges. I am not the same person I was in high school or college in my “prime” running years. My body and athleticism has definitely changed. I play the comparison game a lot with running. Finding a training routine is harder as I no longer have a set practice time. Finding motivation is harder as I don’t have those teammates anymore. I have realized the importance of recovery (at least for myself).  
I still face challenges of what route is safest. I always want to explore new places, but I usually want someone to go with me for that added level of comfort. I don’t have the leisureness of being able to run wherever I want. I tend to think about how far is it away from where I live, is it a busy trail, what area of town am I running in, etc. All the unfortunate things females have to think about nowadays.  

  • What is one thing you really like about running? 

Currently, I have enjoyed having the time I do have to run. Running has helped me explore new places, parks, and routes. I have enjoyed meeting new people through group runs and learning their life stories and creating relationships. I like that running is my “me time” and I always feel better after a run no matter how long or short it is (I guess that’s not one thing) 🙂  

  • What is one of your favorite running memories? 

RTO 2023- Comstock Relay! I was invited to join a team where I only knew one person, Jennifer! I went out of my comfort zone to join a team where I only knew one person and doing an event I have never done before. I was happy to meet and be teammates with the Slow AF crew from Anytime Fitness in Spanish Springs. This was also my last weekend in Reno and what a great way to remember my time in Reno. I was able to spend it doing what I love to do, run, and be able to be with so many people from the running community.  

  • Do you have any running goals you would be willing to share? 

I don’t have any running goals at the moment. A “little victory” as I would call it is to be able to run more trails in my area. Get lost in the woods and enjoy the quietness and be more in tune with myself. I do have my eyes set on some races in 2024, however, they would be more to finish rather than to race. I am okay with shifting my focus towards finishing rather than competing – however I do have a competitive side that likes to come out when I bib up.  

  • Do you have any advice you wish you had known earlier? 
  1. Take care of yourself. Pay more attention to recovery and strength training. Running is more than just a singular sport. All the aches and pains can be prevented if I take more time to recover well and be stronger. 
  1. Learn to forget the watch (meaning pace/distance). Run until you feel like it. Give yourself 10 minutes, most of the time you will end up going longer, but 10 minutes is all it can take. There are some times where I don’t want to fully run, so I will walk/run instead and still feel great.  
  1. Go to the dang group run! Meet new people, explore new running routes. I appreciate all the times I’ve gone blindly to a group run…I usually return.  

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