Choosing what to wear for a Run.

Figuring out how to dress before stepping out the door for a run is always challenging.  Many factors come into play and almost all of them revolve around your comfort while running. I suppose style and looks are important as well but being comfortable is hopefully your first priority because if you aren’t comfortable you won’t be able to enjoy what is typically the highlight for us runners’ days.

Look into the Crystal Ball

You are not going to feel the same throughout your run as you do the second you step out the door. I don’t care how many runs you’ve done, this is the most deceptive part of planning what to wear.  You can be chilly stepping out into a cold morning  and 10 minutes into your run be roasting hot. I can not tell you how many times this has happened to me. I then proceed to shed layers and am left trying to figure out what to do with all my clothing as I am just getting going.

To solve this you will need to learn through experience in all temperatures. Even then it is still hard and you will more likely than not need to wear something to carry some of your shedded layers.  I personally wear running belt that allows me to stuff my extra shirt, buff or gloves into.  A lot of people will simply tie their shirt around their waste or wear a running pack which affords much more space. The big take away is to plan the most likely temperature rise in your body.


Cool temperatures are not the only thing to worry about. As a runner you are constantly placing yourself out in nature in all season. Here in Reno Nevada we are in a high desert four season climate right next to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We get everything from high winds, extreme heat, blizzards, months of sunshine to even dense smoke from wild fires.  The Reno Running Company has apparel all these conditions. However, we do recommend running indoors during poor air quality, but also recommend running outdoors the rest!

Too Sunny!

Psh! There is no such thing. Put on some sunglasses, a good sun protective shirt and a hat. Don’t forget sunscreen on all exposed skin.  Many places are gray and gloomy most of the year but not Reno or Lake Tahoe! We are lucky.  As a foreign exchange student in Australia I used to hear the say “Slip, Slap, Slop” in regards to the sun and still remember it today. Slip on a shirt, Slap on a cap and Slop on some sunscreen.

Too Snowy!

Never (almost).  Running in snow can be some of the most fun and memorable runs you will do all year. Bundle up in synthetic layers you can shed once you get going. The most important aspect of running in snow is not slipping. We have traction devices in the store that help with this. You may also want to wear gaiters on your shoes to keep the snow out of your ankles.  What about wet feet you ask?  Yes, I answer.  There is nothing wrong with wet feet.  The heat your body generates from running will keep them warm for the most part.  Learn to toughen up and embrace wet feet as you frolick in the the snow. Pro-tip: Don’t wear eyewear while it is snowing. Wear a cap to shield the snow from hitting your eyes. Glasses will simply get wet and make it hard to see.

Too windy!

Reno is a pretty windy city. If I decided not to run when it was windy that would cut my volume in half. Learn to embrace it the wind.  For starters, a windbreaker jacket is paramount. I can not tell you how many times I’ve been running in a sheltered canyon getting hot and sweaty only to crest a ridge line and be blasted with wind. I instantly feel freezing cold. This is where I whip out the windbreaker and return to comfort. Windbreakers are great because they are super compact and light. A Buff is also a great piece of apparel to take when running in any weather. I wrap mine around my wrist when I am not using it but if the wind picks up you can slap it on like beanie or headband.

Too Hot!

Yes, the heat can make running less fun and often shorter than maybe intended but it shouldn’t stop you from getting outside. The best option in the summer months is to try to run in the mornings. If that isn’t an option for you then dress appropriately. See Too Sunny. Many of the same guidance applys to running when it is too hot.  I also recommend wear very breathable running shorts, light socks with shoes that are breathable as well. Use a hydration pack or handheld to carry fluids with you. Be mindful of you temperature and do not run too far for too long.

As you run year round you will eventually learn that choosing the proper clothing for the conditions will greatly affect your enjoyment on the trails or roads.  Come in to one of our stores and on one of our associates can recommend the best apparel for the type of running you will be doing.

Written by Ben Tedore,
Sierra Endurance Sports Athlete
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How to Run Your first Ultra Race

If you are like me the first thing you are going to do before starting to prepare for your fist ultra distance race is to google all your questions about running an ultra distance race. You will then quickly realize that there are many many answers to your questions and they vary greatly. This article will hopefully provide you with some of the basics to prepare your for a successful and enjoyable first ultra.

First off, what is an ultra race?  It is any race longer than a 26.2 mile marathon. They are generally run on trails and often in mountains.  Like cycling, hitting the trail instead of the road often comes with a slightly more rugged and less polished culture.  For starters, finishing times are often less important where as in marathon or road racing everyone always talks about their PR, etc.  That simply doesn’t happen in trail running because the courses vary so much. They are impossible to compare. Also there are a variety of approaches to training. Some people focus on getting specific miles, some on elevation gain, some on variation and periodization while others do quite well by simply “going out for runs”.

Picking a Race

You first ultra should be shorter (think 50k) and something that isn’t too difficult. You should pick a race that is organized well and does not have too much elevation gain. You may also want to plan to do it with another runner so you can strategize and help each other prepare. Local races are also great because then you get the comfort of sleeping in your own bed, eating your own food and minimizing the planning portion of it. Make sure to register well in advance so you can begin training with that first ultra in mind. Do not sign up at the last moment as you will most likely have a less enjoyable time.

Training for the Race

This is the most important part of preparing. You will want to train both your mind and your body to be ready on race day. To do this you will want to learn as much as you can about how to train right and use your time efficiently without getting injured. I highly recommend a coach to begin this process. If that is not an option for you then you will want to try to do as much research and reading as you possibly can. There are many aspects to training and doing it the best you can will only make your race more enjoyable and successful. Writing a training plan well in advance is a great way to keep you on track and to systematically build up to the new distance. Again, a coach will help you write this but there are many resources available online. I highly recommend becoming a student of training. There is a lot that can be learned and it is never ending.  When race day rolls around you should be in a good mental state and know that you have hit low points in training and overcome them and that your race will be no different.


You will want to test out different items before you race.  You will want to run with something that can carry water or sports drink.  The two most common options are handheld water bottles or a hydration vest. Reno Running Company carries many of these and one of our employees can help you get the right fit/size. Vests are getting pretty comfortable these days and are great for carrying not only water, but gels or other nutrition as well as your phone, windbreaker, hat, etc. Handhelds are great because they give you a greater sense of minimalism and freedom around your upper torso. Since you are carrying it in your hand it is easy to remember to drink frequently as well.

You will also want to think about your apparel. For most races plan for the temperatures to be cool in the morning and warmer mid race. This can be tricky and can often mean you will be shivering a little bit at the start line until you get running. You don’t want to over dress and end up carrying extra clothes for the whole race. You will want to think about places you may chaf as well and apply a bodyglide type of product to those areas. This is usually in places that rub like in your shorts, under your arms, etc.  Also, think about the sun. You may need to wear a hat, carry sunglasses and apply sunscreen

Lastly you will need to feel confident in a shoe that you can run long distances in. Buy a pair that a specialist has fit for you like the great employees at Reno Running Company.  Once you have a great shoe for your stride, body type and type of running you will be doing then you need to start logging the miles in them.  If you find that you can run really far and not get blisters then you are probably in the right shoe. Some people buy another pair that they keep nicer and save for race day.

Hydration and Nutrition

In my many years of ultra running I’ve come to learn that this is the absolute most important part of nailing a good race.  You can be the fastest and fittest runner out there but if you run an ultra race and do not have a hydration and nutrition plan for race day you will most likely have a miserable race.  Learn what works best for your stomach and practice it in training. Calculate how many calories you will burn per hour and eat accordingly. Over the years as a general strategy I have learned to eat a gel every half hour and drink one full water bottle in between every aid station. This varies greatly depending on the course, weather, distance between aid stations, etc. There are many options available so again, stop by your specialty running store and talk to the employees about what they recommend to begin testing.

The most important thing to remember is to really have a well thought out strategy and stick to it as best you can.  This will free up your mind from having to think about it during the race.  It is easy to mess up hydration and nutrition if you are just winging it and going off of feel because during the race you won’t feel like eating or drinking when you absolutely should be.  Have a plan and execute it!

Race Day

Hopefully you will have studied the course profile, aid station location, weather, time cutoffs maybe. Just be prepared for all the details of the race.  Then think of it as another training run but a bit longer and a bit faster.  Wear what you always would wear. Eat and drink what you have been practicing with. Lastly be confident that you have put the work in and whatever race day throws at you will not be new and you will be able to overcome it. Remember that ultra races are not quite as competive as road running. Make sure to high-five the aid station volunteers and thank them. Have fun with the other runners on the course, make some friends and enjoy the amazing wilderness ultras often take place in.  Remember you are out there to push your limits and have fun.  Be tough and don’t quite. You may feel bad near the end, but pushing through it will be very rewarding.  As you sit at the finish line eating, drinking and sharing your adventures take it all in and be proud of your new accomplishment.

Please let me know if you are preparing for your first ultra race or what you learned from your first race in the comments below!

Written by Ben Tedore,
Sierra Endurance Sports Athlete
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Goodr Sunglasses

Have you ever winced at the thought of purchasing a pair of expensive glasses to run in? Or even worse, have you ever lost that pair of those expensive sunglasses and had your day ruined?  I’m sure most of us have lost a pair of our nice sunglasses.  Well Goodr has come up with a solution to the expensive sunglass dilemma.

Goodr is a running specific sunglass company who creates stylish and hip shades at an affordable price. They only have one model of and it resembles the traditional Ray Ban Wayfairer. Although there is only one model, that model does come in many different colors.  Each color has has a creative name for it like “Iced by Yetis”.

While is sounds like they are cheap and you would expect the quality to be the same, the truth is they actually feel and look like a much better quality than you would expect.  I think the most amazing part is that they all come with a polarized lenses.  Polarized lenses are generally only sold on more expensive glasses.

Check them out! You may find yourself buying more than one pair like many of our customers do.

What is a Neck Gaiter?

A neck gaiter is simple piece of synthetic material that is sewn into a tube. Many people refer to them generically as a Buff.  Neck gaiters are one of the most versatile and useful pieces of running equipment you can own.

First off, neck gaiters cost a little less than a beanie would cost and can be used exactly like a beanie plus about 10 other ways.  One of the main reasons runners love neck gaiters is because they are extremely portable.  When you are not wearing a buff you can very easily wrap it around your wrist and it then becomes something to wipe your brow with as you warm up.

Neck Gaiters are useful in both warm and cold temperatures unlike a beanie.  They can also be worn during other sports. They are great to wear under helmets when skiing or cycling. Check our review/preview of the neck gaiter.

Small Business Saturday Sale


Being a family-owned local small business we are huge supporters of the Small Business Saturday Concept. We have decided to put on a huge sale in celebration of shopping local. We will be marking down select shoes and apparel 50%-80% off for the holiday weekend only. On top of that we are offering a $10 gift card for every $100 purchase on Friday and Saturday only.

So after you wobble before you gobble, or trot before the turkey feast make plans to stop by your locally owned running specialty store this weekend to pick up the gear you need to get you through the holiday season. With the holidays, family, and other activities Winter is often a time when running can fall to the wayside, but it doesn’t have to. Running is actually really fun in the winter as long as you have the proper gear. Some people may think you are crazy to get out in the blustery conditions but here at the Reno Running Company we call that dedication.

Happy Holidays from the Reno Running Company!