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“Woah Lauren, you look really tall,” says someone new every day. I smile shyly and look down, giving all the credit to the pair of Altra Via Olympus I am wearing. 

As a trail runner who has rarely strayed far from the HOKA Speedgoats, I felt guilty agreeing to write a review on the Altra Via Olympus, a non-HOKA road shoe. However, after taking one look at the new vehicle for my feet, I could not help being excited to take them out for a spin.  

Disclaimer: I am fully on-board the chonky shoe train, and the Via Olympus is Altra’s take on a shoe with some bonus cushion. I am not sure how die-hard Altra fans will feel about the shoe, but I do think it has some qualities that most avid runners will appreciate.  

First, I found the shoe extremely comfortable and the shape to support my feet nicely. The inside of the shoe was plush, the heel was fitted (did not slip nor rub), and the toe box was not cramped. Second, I found the shoe material to be very breathable, which was critical for my late spring run through the streets of Winnemucca. Lastly, I was a huge fan of the rocker-shaped geometry. The design made rolling through my stride seamless and smooth, yet the sole was able to retain traction with every step; the shoe handled loose gravel, golf-course grass, and wet pavement like a champ. 

Even if you are not sure this running shoe is for you, I would also highly recommend the Via Olympus as footwear if you stand and/or walk a lot for work or other day-to-day activities. Since I do not run on the roads all too often, I have found myself wearing this pair of shoes to work every day, which has made standing for long periods of time much more enjoyable. At the very least, this shoe can give you that little boost you need to reach those snacks on the top shelf, allowing you to forego the step ladder and satisfy your cravings.  

All-in-all, I am a fan of Altra’s version of a high-cushion shoe (shh, do not tell HOKA). 

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