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I’m a firm believer that strength work is a crucial part of any successful running routine. This routine focuses mostly on the hips and core. When these areas have adequate strength you will be able to hold good form for longer, allowing you to run faster and with less injuries. Make sure you can perform each movement in our “Strength for Runners – Beginner Series” perfectly before adding the more difficult variations. Remember… Practice makes permanent, but perfect practice yields positive results! Each movement in this video is simply a more difficult variation of the movements in our previous video. These variations will challenge your balance and core stability.

All these movements can be done at home with either body weight or simple resistance bands. I even use Home Depot 5 gallon buckets filled with sand to add weight; no fancy equipment needed! I recommend completing this routine three times per week with 3 sets of 10 reps for each movement. For the planks, hold each position for 30 seconds or until you break form.

This video includes: lateral band walks, monster walks, push-ups, push-up with reach, planks, air squats, dead lifts, farmer walks, glute bridges, and core stability reaches.

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