Schedule a Virtual Shoe Fitting

Until life returns to its regularly scheduled programming, Reno Running Company is still the go-to place for all your running needs. 

Like us, you have probably been doing A LOT of social distance running and the tread on your sneakers is starting to wear thin. To keep you going, we’ve developed a touch-free virtual fitting process for your next shoe purchase.

Schedule your next fit, virtually. Let’s stay connected and let’s keep running!



1. Schedule an Appointment

Choose your day and time on the Virtual Shoe Fitting Calendar.

2. Join the Meeting Online

Grab your current shoes and join for a one-on-one shoe fitting experience.

3. Have a Conversation

Chat with a fitting expert and answer some questions to determine the best type of shoes for you.

4. Movement Activities

Gait matters. To best assess, we may ask you to lace up and do some movement activities.

5. Size Discussion

Download and print this Bannock shoe sizer PDF. Along with your current shoes, we’ll determine proper sizing.

6. Shoe Recommendation

We’ll show you shoes that will be best fit for you and your needs. Pick what you like!

7. Order Shoes Online

We’ll guide you to a link to complete your shopping experience. Shoes can be shipped or picked up curbside at one of our local stores on the same day.

8. Unboxing

Yay, your perfect shoe arrived! If you are not happy, we will happily arrange a new virtual fitting to exchange for better fit or offer a refund.

Virtual Shoe Fitting

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