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Mental Preparation

Just as important as physical training, mentally preparing for the road ahead will create a piece of mind come time to toe the line.

You are a runner. You have committed to running an 8K race and registered for the Journal Jog; training has begun. Along the way, many challenges will arise within your training regimen, which forces you to question your ability to achieve and reach your goal. The good news is, no matter how experienced you are, those feelings are common.

Considering the various obstacles you encounter during your weeks of training, and face these fears head on before race day.

Run the course: The course map is published on the Journal Jog website. Running the actual course allows you know what to expect on race day.

Your first race: Everyone has a “first race”. And the unexpected is what keeps runners coming back for more each time. You will know what your pace or time is for anticipated completion after training for an 8K. Finding a friend or a fellow runner to pace off of takes the pressure off.

Stay motivated: Staying motivated is easy with company. Reno Running Company offers a group runs, open to all ability levels. This is an opportunity for you to meet likeminded runners who are generally training for a goal.

Leave stress behind: Don’t forget you love running. Not applying too much pressure on yourself will make for a great experience. The effort and sacrifice you put into training will be rewarded on race day.

Week 4 Training Plan:

Monday: Rest (Monday is the rest day since it follows the longest workout of the week)

Tuesday: Run 3 miles easy (if the entire distance is not yet do-able, run six minutes, walk two minutes, and then repeat until reaching 3 miles)

Wednesday: Run 3 miles with increasing tempo or join our group track workout

Thursday: Cross-train 45-60 minutes (cross training should be a non-impact cardio exercise such as cycling or work on an elliptical trainer)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Run easy 3 miles

Sunday: Run (or run/walk) 3.5 miles easy

Group Runs:

Wednesday: 6am Track workout from Hub Coffee on Riverside

Saturday: 8am RRC Sparks Store Run from 1276 Disc Dr Sparks

Sunday: 8am RRC Summit Store Run from Summit Sierra Mall

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