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I really love that running will accept all kinds of people. Now of course, people who happen to run often could use work in accepting different kinds of other people in their community of running (and I myself have much to learn and do)- but running itself is open to all kinds. Because of that there are all kinds of debates about what type of run is “the best.” One of the debates I hear the most is about temperatures and weather. I, myself, have a fondness for the cold and running in it (within reason, of course). Here are some reasons why.

I love the quiet of snow (which you need cold for, of course). If you have ever run in the snow you know it does something to the sound. While I am sure there is a fascinating scientific explanation I am not trying to rob the mystery of it for myself or anyone else. I just know there is a quiet to a run in the snow that imparts a peacefulness to me that I do not get on a warm weather.

I love not being hot. I did not grow up in the desert. I am not naturally in tune with the heat. It has its own joys but I (from purely a comfort standpoint) cannot take any more layers off at some point. If it is cold, however, I can put more on. This leads me to being more comfortable in cooler weather. And a run that is more comfortable is a run that might be more enjoyable.

The other thing that I love about colder runs is the bracing feeling of the cold against my skin. It wakes me up. It makes me feel alive. It is actually, well, bracing. When the run is over it adds to the feeling of accomplishment. I have an extra sense of having endured or fought through something in addition to the run itself and that sets me up for a great day or a great night. That may seem at odds with the previous thoughts on comfort- but really my experience of it versus the experience of a hot run (which also is something to fight through sometimes) leaves me energized versus drained.

Now I am happy to hear counter points on this topic (and I’m sure I will) but I myself will continue to love my colder runs and sing their praises. Also, I am happy that many of you don’t prefer the same things I do. I may need some of your help getting through the summer runs this year. And if you need some encouragement to help get through the winter please reach out any time. Happy running beautiful people!

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