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Sometimes I neglect you. I was just wondering if you were still there. I mean I know you are but… I’m a little hesitant to start back up. We used to have this great thing going and it was amazing… but a lot has been going on recently and I just haven’t been all that consistent and I am kind of wondering if you would take me back?

I remember when we first started and we spent so much time together. My friends were like, “why don’t you ever spend time with us anymore?” I would try and get them to come see for themselves but a lot of them seemed to feel as hesitant as I do now. I would sneak you in during work (sweaty lunch spectaculars, I would call them) and spend a whole lot of time with you on the weekends. It was so rewarding (I hope for both of us). I was in a bit of a honeymoon phase if I’m being honest.

But now I have realized that I may have let our relationship slip a little. Things got stressful and I may have tried to use you as a stress reliever a little bit too much and I got hurt. Then (because I was hurt) I didn’t see you at all for a long time… and now I am nervous about reaching out to you. We were great together and I did really enjoy our time together but I am worried that my withdrawing may have made you angry.

I just wanted to know if you could forgive me and if you would consider taking me back. I was thinking we could start small- you know, like maybe a movie and a 5K? We don’t have to have it all figured out. Sure, we’ve both dreamed of me running a marathon that didn’t suck and sometimes I secretly fantasize about something longer- but I am willing to be realistic. We could take it slow. I could even walk a little. We don’t have to do anything crazy. I am all for being realistic.

And I don’t want you to feel like I am just going to leave you again whenever things get a little tough. So I’m writing to ask you if you would take me back? I don’t promise that I won’t get hurt again but I do promise that I will do my part to maintain the relationship. Please take me back- I promise I bought new shoes and have been doing a ton of hip and ankle mobility work.

-your anxiously awaiting love,

person who used to run more.

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