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Having the right tool matters. With the RAD Roller All-In Kit you can be sure you have all the right tools.

Price: $140.00

Review: If you ask any Reno Running Company Staff member what their favorite mobility tool is, there is a good chance you’ll find it in the Rad Rad All-In Kit. The All-In Kit includes the Roller Original, Rounds, Block, Rod and Helix. Each item in its own right is best in class for its product category and the All-In Kit has them all. The Rollers and Rounds have just the right density and tact. They provide the right amount of pressure without irritation of already sore muscles and you don’t have to struggle with them sliding away from you. 

The Rod and Helix combo give you an all in one system for muscle flushing and foam rolling that easily packs for traveling. The Rad Rod is our staff pick for muscle flushing sticks because it is significantly firmer than competitors and it provides you with much more control.

The final component of the kit is Rad’s yoga block. This product is unique to Rad and serves not only as a yoga block but also as an augment to make the other tools more efficient. Utilizing the pods built into the block you can integrate a small lift to your stretching that can make all the difference on hard to release places like your triceps and lats.

Having the right tools is only part of the mobility puzzle, additionally you have to have the knowledge how to use it. Rad has excellent online resources(Linked below) to help you make the most of their products.

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