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As we have been rolling through the Summer some of you may have had more time to develop stronger opinions about some of the shoes you have been getting out in (or in in, in some smoke-filled treadmill instances). Here at the shop we have had some feedback (from employees and customers) on the Altra Provision 5.

Weight:9.2 oz/ 261 g for Women and 11.2 oz/ 318 g for men
Best Use:Runners who don’t need or don’t want to feel a lot of their support.

Some of the testers mentioned that they liked the lower volume fit of the Provision compared to the Torin. Some however, did say that the “InnovarchTM” was sometimes more noticeable on their foot once their foot had swelled up a bit on their run.

Shoe Review Ratings are out of 5

This shoe has fantastic cushioning and the support was not as noticeable as expected. You should not, however, presume the support was not there. This smoother less noticeable (read: “more natural feeling”) support opens up the shoe to a wider range of customers and people who do not always even consider supportive shoes.

Two “InnovarchTM” straps visible

At the end of the day a lot of people like this one as a supportive road shoe that doesn’t feel overly stiff or restrictive. If you want some cushioning and guidance for the road miles but don’t want to feel like you are running on a brick this shoe may be worth considering. Happy running people!

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