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I was excited to try the new version of the Altra Superior. As some of you will know it was my favorite shoe we sold here at the shop for about 5 years. I was not able to enjoy the last two versions due to a combination of my own personal foot problems and the narrowness of some parts of the shoe (unexpected in an Altra I know- but the Superior has pretty much always been a sportier fit and that usually translates to snugger). I have taken the shoe out for some spins on our local trails and wanted to give you guys my initial thoughts. Let’s start with some basic stats:

Weight (Men’s 9.0):251g/ 8.8oz.
Best Use:Lightweight Flexible Trail Shoe for those who want to feel more underfoot/ Race Shoe

Now they changed a few things from the last version. The upper materials are a little different (and the supportive overlay parts land solidly behind my metatarsal heads- yay for me!). The StoneGuard is lighter than the previous version (although initial experience has not led me to believe it is any less effective). And the tread is a bit different.

I took the shoes out on some solidly steep hills, crossed some creeks, and went off trail. It feels like old times in the best of ways. I had plenty of grip and a wonderfully light amount of cushioning that still allowed me to feel what my feet were doing. Thank you Altra! I may be falling in love again.

Now, no shoe is perfect for everyone and this will of course be true for this Altra Superior 5. So who do I think would like this shoe? Well the fit is always an issue and we all have different feet. I think people who want a lighter cushioned flexible trail shoe that allows them to feel the trail more or people who want a trail shoe to race in will find this to be a great shoe.

Reviewer Ratings:Joseph N
Overall: 5/5Cushion: 5/5
Support: 5/5Responsiveness: 5/5

Also if you are often wearing genuinely minimal shoes but want something with just a bump of cushioning or protection then this shoe might really make your day. Similarly if you are wanting to move in a minimal direction from your current shoes but aren’t ready to go all the way you really might appreciate this shoe as well. If you want to run on clouds and not feel the trail at all this will certainly not be the shoe for you- but don’t worry, it’s not the only shoe in the world and we can help you find something. There is never a cookie cutter one size fits all approach. Come on in and talk to us if you have any questions! Keep on running beautiful people!

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