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The Naboso Insoles are not like your regular insoles and that’s what makes them so great! Naboso Insoles are completely textured throughout the entire insole in order to stimulate the nerves in your feet to wake up! It is almost like brail for your feet. By changing up the surface my feet are on, these insoles allow my feet to use the nerves that were essentially shut off. They truly make my feet feel more awake and I have noticed significant results in my energy levels and my balance. After taking my Naboso Insoles off, there is a huge difference in how my feet feel as well as how much more relaxed they are. If I have any foot pain throughout my day my Naboso Insoles are the things I reach for to relieve it. I use mine every other day and I can confidently say that they are one of the best products at Reno Running Company. In our stores, we sell the Naboso Activation Insoles, which are great for people who are on their feet constantly throughout the day or for someone who is heading into the gym for a light workout.  We also sell the Naboso Performance Insoles, which are geared for more intense workouts to enhance your ability to well, perform!

“These insoles allow my feet to use the nerves that were essentially shut off.”


The Naboso Activation Insoles are 3mm thick, are lined with 1.5mm pyramids two-point discrimination texture and they come in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. The Naboso Performance Insoles come in the same sizes and are the same thickness with a 1.5mm two-point discrimination texture. Both these insoles are also non-toxic and latex-free as well as being 100% recyclable!

PROs and CONs

The Naboso insoles are great tools to stimulate your feet and help to relieve any foot pain or prevent it, especially for those are work long shifts on their feet and those who are working out! They are very flexible, so they work great with minimal shoes as well and they provide the right amount of texture to refresh your feet. The only con that I believe the insoles have are they are not arched, so they might not be the best insoles for you if you are looking for arch support.

Final Thoughts

I really hope you give these insoles a try! They have helped my foot health significantly!

– Nirel Kaplan 2020

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